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Liturgical Art  Rock Power About the Artist

Liturgical Art Statement

We live in a visual age, and are visual people. Art enhances and enriches our worship. Color & images inspire & educate, inviting us on a rich journey of faith with God. All ages feel welcome and included, as art is a graceful hostess. Colors mark the changing seasons & provide rhythm to our lives.

Why I Do It

My first silk was in 1998, a Pentecost silk for United Presbyterian Church in Albany, Oregon; completed one month before my diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The 11 months of treatment concluded with the celebration silk of Pentecost for St. Mary’s of Albany. Pentecost is my favorite Christian marker; the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the speaking of tongues! Imagine how understanding all of our brothers and sisters with language as no obstacle, would unify our church! Art breaks the language barriers!

All of my artist endeavor are directed to serving the Holy Spirit through this art process. My “muse’ is the Holy Spirt.

About the Art Making

French Serti (resist) painting, on Crepe de Chine. All banners are 45” wide, full salvage size unless noted. Each banner is an original art piece. This is an ancient method using a resist (the white lines) and then painted. From beginning to end, about a 5 day process. It takes 3 minutes per area to set the color with a mangle/iron. (A 7 foot banner takes 4 hours of heat setting.) Then laundered. Finally, embellishments of sparkles, beads, fringe, & hand made clay art complete the mixed media art piece. No two images will ever be exactly alike. The silk has a memory for being stretched and will not be perfectly square on the sides. I guarantee a rich hand-made quality.

Commissions & Design Consolation

Don’t see what you want? I can come visit and worship with you, inspire your worship team and create one-of-a-kind art within your congregations budget. We can collaborate with the sanctuary vestments, use custom made banners of commercial fabrics, and accent with one of my silk banners.

Care and Storage

The banners must be dry cleaned after the fringe, beads and embellishments are added. I recommend keeping the art clean. Carefully select a dry cleaner. The banners without fringe and bead work can be water laundered. Keep the unused art rolled up around the hanging dowel and away from direct light.

Design & Pricing:

Free if I can use the image, and less than 4 hours of development. Travel time $25 per hour, design time $65 after the first 4 hours.

The cost of the banners reflects time, materials and original art. All banners are $70 per foot.

Averaged out like so:

45” x 45”$300
7 foot banners$500additional sewing like Mary and Elizabeth $700
18 foot banners$1,000

Patricia Camille RobidART Questions for Patricia? patricia@robidart.com

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